America: Love It or Leave It! Do You Agree?

America: Love It or Leave It! Do You Agree?

Hey everybody!

Welcome to another awesome edition of FREEDOM FRIDAY where I bring you our #1 shirt of the week, marked down from it’s normal price of $24.95 down to $5.

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For today only.

Or while sizes last.

Todays is a personal favorite of mine because I am so tired of all these ungrateful celebs and lefties and DemonRats who HATE America trashing our great country.

Think of that absolutely disgusting snake, Ilhan Omar.

As I say over and over and over…..if you hate it so much here, why are you still here?

If America is so bad, go back to your sh!thole in Somalia!

Which is why I love this one so much:

Says it all doesn’t it?

All sizes will probably not last throughout the whole day, so don’t wait to grab one if you love it.

Check availability here.

Here’s more:

Each week I usually get a lot of questions about sizes….do they

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