America Is Short One Million Construction Workers

America Is Short One Million Construction Workers

According to one trade organization, the United States housing market needs up to one million new construction workers.

Associated Builders and Contractors — a trade association that represents the non-union construction sector — stated that shortages in home supply are accompanied by a distorted labor market for construction employees:

Construction spending is likely to reach $1.45 trillion in 2021, up 1.3% from 2020. Under this scenario, employment demand increases by 430,000 this year from actual employment of 7,829,000 in 2020. A higher growth rate scenario could boost the number of additional construction workers needed in 2021 to nearly 1 million.

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In the three months since the Associated Builders and Contractors’ release, record demand for homes has only accelerated. A recent analysis from Zillow found that the average house is only remaining on the market for an average of six days. In some cities — such as Cincinnati, Columbus, and Kansas City — the average is three days.

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