Amazon Wants Alexa to Guess What You Want Before You Ask

Amazon Wants Alexa to Guess What You Want Before You Ask

Amazon’s Alexa home assistant devices can now reportedly guess what users want before they even ask as engineers work to improve the device’s algorithm.

ZDNet reports that Amazon engineers have tweaked the Alexa home assistant algorithm to help the device predict users’ requests and offer to resolve them before the user even expresses their needs. In a blog post, Alexa engineers Anjishnu Kumar and Anand Rathi explained some of the improvements they’ve made to the virtual assistant’s algorithm recently.

The engineers stated that speaking with Alexa should be as normal and natural as talking to a real person and enabling the technology to predict what is going to be said next in a conversation is key to enabling smooth dialogue flow.

The engineers wrote: “Now, we’re taking another step towards natural interaction with a capability that lets Alexa infer customers’ latent goals – goals that are implicit in customer requests but not directly

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