Amazon driver somehow gets stuck inside golf cart tunnel

Amazon driver somehow gets stuck inside golf cart tunnel

A Michigan Amazon driver who got stuck in a golf cart tunnel blamed his faulty GPS for leading him astray.

The bizarre incident happened around 2:30 p.m. Saturday, when the delivery truck became trapped about 6 feet into the tunnel at the Boulder Point Golf Club in Oxford, The Detroit Free Press reported.

Bill Offer, the outside services supervisor at the facility, was going through the tunnel when he realized the wayward motorist was blocking his path, he told the paper.

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He went over to talk to the disoriented but apologetic driver — who claimed the GPS led him there.

“I said, ‘You couldn’t have been, you’re on a cart path,’ ” Offer said.

The driver apparently made a wrong turn and didn’t realize his truck was too big for the tunnel, which runs under a road, according to the supervisor. Although the tunnel, a two-way cart path, does appear to be the width of a road, he said.

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