Alleged Whistleblower Name Left Unredacted In Democrats Own Documents


This just in, folks: Eric Ciaramella may be the name of the so-called “whistleblower” whose allegation against President Trump kicked off House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry nonsense.

The Democrats may have screwed over their own efforts to keep the whistleblower’s name a secret by not redacting it from their official impeachment transcripts.

As you can see in this snapshot of the transcripts, the name Eric Ciaramella appears in one conversation:

This has prompted a lot of speculation about whether Eric Ciaramella is indeed the “whistleblower,” and if so, what this means for the Democrat impeachment inquiry, which is resembling more and more of a clown show with each passing day!

Check it out on Twitter:

Um – why is Eric Ciaramella’s name in the congressional Impeachment testimony?

Dems said they would redact the name of the “whistleblower.”

2 explanations:

1. Ciaramella is not the whistleblower

2. Dems messed up BIG TIME & printed the name

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