Alleged Drug Addicts Turn Midtown Manhattan into ‘Shooting Gallery’

Alleged Drug Addicts Turn Midtown Manhattan into ‘Shooting Gallery’

A group of alleged drug addicts recently took over an area of Midtown Manhattan in New York City, according to the New York Post.

“A cluster of junkies has turned Broadway into a shooting gallery, injecting drugs unhampered in broad daylight and then shuffling around in a zonked-out stupor, seemingly oblivious to the Midtown bustle around them,” the outlet reported.

The addicts also left used syringes in planters on 40th Street and Broadway and one local worker said they took over tables and shot up heroin all day long.

“There’s no police action, there’s no reach-out. There’s nobody preventing this, and you know we’ve had multiple calls to 311 but nobody really responds. It’s becoming a real problem,” said the man identified as James.

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He added that the calls to 311 were “futile exercises.”

The Midtown streets normally filled with tourists have become a haven for drug users, Fox News’s Lawrence Jones

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