Alleged crypto-Ponzi operator arrested after failed sea-scooter escape

Alleged crypto-Ponzi operator arrested after failed sea-scooter escape

Matthew Piercey, the accused operator of two fraudulent firms that solicited tens of million to ostensibly invest in cryptocurrency mining, life insurance, and other assets, has been apprehended by authorities after a failed attempt to escape FBI agents using a sea scooter.

According to Californian media outlet The Sacramento Bee, the 44-year-old Shasta County man evaded agents seeking to arrest him for an hour. He first fled in his truck from his home in Redding, California.

After driving through the town’s residential areas, the suspect veered off-road twice on his way to the Interstate 5 highway, before abandoning his vehicle on the edge of Lake Shasta.

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Piercey then spent roughly 25 minutes in the lake while being pulled underwater using a sea scooter — a water-propelled device that helps divers move underwater at speeds of up to 4 miles per hour. Unfortunately for him, he was arrested when he emerged from the lake.

Piercey now faces multiple charges of

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