Alex Jones Lashes Out at ‘Q’ Lies, False Predictions, Complacency

Alex Jones Lashes Out at ‘Q’ Lies, False Predictions, Complacency

The Capitol Police officer who died as a result of injuries suffered during the protest outside of Congress on Wednesday was a Donald Trump supporter and a veteran.

42-year old Brian Sicknick, a twelve-year veteran of the Capitol Police, died on Thursday night. The nature of his injuries are still unclear. Reports have suggested that he collapsed at a Capitol Police facility after the protests concluded. Sicknick may have incurred a fatal blood clot as a result of being struck in the head during the protest. The Capitol Police indicated that he “was injured while physically engaging with protesters.”

A former Nancy Pelosi staffer who knew Sicknick described him to a Washington Post reporter as a Donald Trump supporter.

A former Pelosi staffer said she encountered Sicknick every day on way into work and bonded, she a Democrat, he a Trump supporter. She cried on his shoulder the day after the election, and he didn’t say a word

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