Alejandro Mayorkas Invites More Deported Migrants Back to U.S.

Alejandro Mayorkas Invites More Deported Migrants Back to U.S.

President Joe Biden’s border chief is inviting more lawfully deported migrants back into the United States so they can reunify with their left-behind migrant children.

That is all good news for Mark Zuckerberg’s investor group, which is quietly funding a huge lobbying campaign for more amnesty and more migration. The campaign leaders say the videos of emotional reunifications of the deported migrants are helping them to shift TV coverage away from the alarming inflow of economic migrants encouraged by President Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

“Some of the family reunifications that we saw that sort of changed the coverage in May of this year and started humanizing what exactly is happening,” said Xochitl Hinojosa, a director at’s PR firm, Bully Pulpit Interactive. She spoke during a May 26 video presentation to Zuckerberg-tied amnesty campaigners.

“They were able to change [the] national narrative at a time when their issue was

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