Alarmists Blame ‘Climate Change’ for Wildfires, Rains, Heat Waves

Alarmists Blame ‘Climate Change’ for Wildfires, Rains, Heat Waves

Climate alarmists are pinning specific extreme weather events on global warming, insisting they would have “almost no chance of happening without human-induced climate change.”

“The planet is showing signs it’s in peril,” declares a Reuters article Thursday. “In recent weeks, the world has seen ferocious wildfires in the U.S. West, torrential rains in Africa, weirdly warm temperatures on the surface of tropical oceans, and record heat waves from California to the Siberian Arctic.”

Whereas in recent years, a certain circumspection prevented scientists from attributing specific weather events to climate change, that is starting to change, the article reveals.

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Event attribution — or the ability to accurately link a given weather phenomenon to manmade global warming — has been considered exceedingly risky at best and completely unreliable at worst, even according to true believers.

At a meeting of climate scientists at Oxford in 2012, one participant argued

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