Alabama Dog Saves Family of Four from House Fire

Alabama Dog Saves Family of Four from House Fire

Four-year-old Great Dane “Ralph” alerted his family to a house fire just in time to get all of them safely from their home early Tuesday morning.

“He was in his kennel inside the house and we heard him barking,” husband and father of two, Derek Walker remembered. “He usually doesn’t make a sound at night. And it was a different kind of bark.”

“I just started screaming ‘fire’ to get everybody up,” Walker continued. “My wife got up and she got our daughter and got her out.” But the couple’s son was still fast asleep, separated from the family because his bedroom was on the lower floor of their split level home.

As Walker evacuated his little girl, his wife rushed to get him — blissfully unaware as he slept. “She said his room was full of smoke. He was still asleep,” Walker said. “The fire was right outside his

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