Al Sharpton: Georgia Win Means No Going Back To ‘Legal Apartheid’

Al Sharpton: Georgia Win Means No Going Back To ‘Legal Apartheid’

In response to the wins in the Georgia Senate runoffs on Tuesday night, Al Sharpton said that the era of “legal apartheid” may finally have come to an end.

Speaking with Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe,” Sharpton said that Georgia’s decision to elect the first black woman vice president and its first black senator was a symbol that the old guard is over.

“Here we have in the state of Georgia, a state deep in the heart of the old Confederacy, a state that voted to elect America’s first black vice-president in November, and a state that just voted to elect the Democratic Party’s first black senator. What does that mean about where this country is after four years of Donald Trump?” Scarborough asked Sharpton.

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“It means that this country has really come back unto showing that we’re not going backwards to the days of legal apartheid or segregation and divisiveness,” responded Sharpton.

Sharpton credited Donald Trump and his

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