AG Barr Calls Out Media "Collection Of Liars" Over "Peaceful Protests" Hoax

AG Barr Calls Out Media “Collection Of Liars” Over “Peaceful Protests” Hoax

Attorney General William Barr is fed up with the lying media and their blatant distortions of the truth to fit their agenda and he is speaking out. 

In an interview with conservative website that was published on Friday, the nation’s top law enforcement official lowered the boom on the professional fibbers who masquerade as journalists who he called a “collection of liars.”


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Barr is particularly perturbed over the false narrative on the violent riots that erupted across the nation this summer and will intensify if President Trump wins the election. 

According to AG Barr:

“Most of the mainstream media. They’re a collection of liars and they know exactly what they’re doing.” 

The attorney general’s remarks were his strongest yet in reference to the lying media. 

Via, “AG Barr Rips National Media as a ‘Collection of Liars’ Over Riot Coverage”:

“They’re basically

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