After Years of Falling, US Divorce Rate Hits 50-Year Low

After Years of Falling, US Divorce Rate Hits 50-Year Low

With so much division in the country, it’s good to know that even if political parties are fractured, more marriages are staying intact.

As reported Tuesday by the Institute for Family Studies, the divorce rate has hit a 50-year low, with only 14.9 of 1,000 marriages ending in divorce in 2019, according to newly released American Community Survey data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The divorce rate in 1970 was 15.0; the rate has fallen steadily in the past decade.

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A lower divorce rate means marriages that last longer. According to the Census data, the median duration of current marriages in the United States has risen nearly one year in the recent decade, from 19 years in 2010  to 19.8 years in 2019.

The IFS, an organization geared toward advancing and strengthening strong marriages, examined U.S. Census data from 1960 through 2019 comparing marriage and divorce rates.

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