After Banning President Donald Trump, Twitter Stock Drops

After Banning President Donald Trump, Twitter Stock Drops

Social media giant Twitter may be facing severe consequences after banning President Donald Trump and several other conservative voices from its platform.

Since banning President Trump, they’ve seen their stock take a big hit.

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Shares in the social media company dropped as low as 12%.

Jim Cramer of CNBC says that President Trump was a “great salesperson” for Twitter and his loss will be felt throughout the company.

With as many people that are still loyal to the president, Twitter will surly struggle to add new users. 

Twitter stock plunges after banning President Trump

— New York Post (@nypost) January 11, 2021

Business Insider covered the story:

Twitter stock fell as much as 12% on Monday after the social-media company permanently suspended President Donald Trump’s account on Friday evening. The share-price decline wiped $5 billion from Twitter’s market capitalization.

Twitter’s bosses suspended Trump’s account – which had about

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