African Bishops Reaffirm Opposition to Homosexual Practice

African Bishops Reaffirm Opposition to Homosexual Practice

The Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of the West African nations of Senegal, Mauritania, Cape Verde, and Guinea-Bissau reiterated their opposition to homosexual practice Friday following a meeting of their conferences.

“We have a positive teaching, which is to say that God created man and woman,” said the archbishop of Dakar, Benjamin Ndiaye, reporting on the meeting.

“They are complementary and different, and we do not intend to have another opinion imposed on us, neither in the sense of a vigilante repression nor in the sense of a permission that would go against our convictions,” the archbishop said.

The bishops have reiterated earlier declarations to “reject homosexuality and denounce pedophilia, which are contrary to our values,” he said.

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Speaking at a press conference at Cap des Biches, Ndiaye insisted the Church’s position on homosexuality is based on divine revelation.

“God created humans so that they are fruitful and multiply,” he

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