aelf Leading Blockchain Technology Innovation Center in Tianjin

aelf Leading Blockchain Technology Innovation Center in Tianjin

By partnering with the Tsinghua Fellow and the Chinese government, aelf Enterprise is developing more diversified application scenarios, empowering its own promising blockchain ecosystem.

On May 21, 2021, local time, Tianjin Blockchain Technology Innovation Center was officially unveiled at the opening ceremony of Tianjin National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Development Pilot Zone Summit Forum. The Tianjin Blockchain Technology Innovation Center, led and founded by aelf, is buttressed by the Chinese government with respect to policies, business real estate, community, talent and more. Technically, it is comprehensively approved and willingly supported by Tsinghua Fellow, Weimin Zheng.

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During the opening ceremony, Tsinghua Fellow Weimin Zheng highly approved of aelf’s blockchain tech, saying,

“The development of the blockchain industry is facing many universal problems – the most intractable of which is public chain’s core capabilities. With years of

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