Adorable Puppy Steals Dentures, Leaves Internet in Hysterics: Video

Adorable Puppy Steals Dentures, Leaves Internet in Hysterics: Video

Every person who has owned more than one dog knows that no two are exactly alike. Some breeds have pretty consistent traits, but each individual has its own quirks as well.

Poodles, for example, are regarded as very intelligent dogs — they also feature in many modern crossbreeds because they create offspring that shed very little and are as close to hypoallergenic as a dog can get.

Jack Russell terriers are fierce little scrappers: Big dogs crammed into little dog packages. They’re incorrigible, determined and high-energy.

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Combine the two and you get … Milo.

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Milo is a Jack Russell/poodle mix owned by Stacie Owen of Llandudno, Wales. At just 8 months old, he’s already brimming with character and adorable naughtiness.

It’s fitting that his Facebook “About” page simply states “Milo and his mischievous behavior,” because he certainly appears to get into trouble.

“Hello interneterzz,”

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