‘Abuse Of Power Is A Virus,’ Gov. Cuomo Says

‘Abuse Of Power Is A Virus,’ Gov. Cuomo Says

Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo asserted on Sunday that “abuse of power,” among other things, is a virus afflicting the nation.

“COVID is not the only virus attacking us,” Cuomo said during a speech at an apparently empty Riverside Church on Claremont Avenue in New York City. “We are being attacked by other viruses. COVID weakened our immune system, and when your immune system is weakened, then you get attacked by other viruses.”

“And that’s what happened to America,” Cuomo continued. “We’re being attacked by multiple viruses at the same time, and we must fight them all. Because racism is a virus, and sexism is a virus, and discrimination is a virus, and injustice is a virus, and division is a virus, and distrust is a virus, and abuse of power is a virus, and hatred is a virus, and our America is better than this. Our America is strong enough to admit her mistakes and to grow from

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