'Absolutely not': Joe Manchin rejects calls for $2K stimulus checks

'Absolutely not': Joe Manchin rejects calls for $2K stimulus checks

Sen. Joe Manchin, a centrist Democrat from West Virginia, may have just tanked his party’s designs to award people with $2,000 stimulus checks in the next round of coronavirus relief.

“Absolutely not. No,” Manchin told the Washington Post in an interview on Friday. “How is the money that we invest now going to help us best to get jobs back and get people employed? And I can’t tell you that sending another check out is gonna do that to a person that’s already got a check.”

Manchin acknowledged that his position puts him at odds with Democratic leader Sen. Chuck Schumer, who has vowed to move swiftly to pass the $2,000 check proposal into law when he assumes the title of majority leader.

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“You know, we have a difference of opinion,” he conceded. “That’s the beauty of our whole caucus. We have a difference of opinion on that.”

Manchin, who is widely expected to serve as the

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