ABC Gives Biden a Free Pass During Friendly Town Hall

ABC Gives Biden a Free Pass During Friendly Town Hall

ABC News refused to ask Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden about his son’s alleged acts of corruption during a town hall on Thursday night, a day after Facebook and Twitter censored the story on social media.

The Biden town hall covered topics including civility in America, coronavirus, the 1994 crime bill, LGBT rights, the Supreme Court and taxes, but failed to mention Burisma Holdings, e-mails or Hunter Biden, NewsBusters reported.

While Biden said his support of the crime bill that has been blamed for increasing incarceration among minority men was a mistake, he blamed the states for the implications of the bill and defended the parts of the legislation he advocated for, according to NPR.

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“Here’s where the mistake came: The mistake came in terms of what the states did locally,” Biden said.

ABC has been criticized for asking Biden “softball questions” as compared to the ones President Donald Trump faced at his competing town hall, the New York

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