Aaron Sorkin: Tolerating Trump Supporters Like Tolerating Racists

Aaron Sorkin: Tolerating Trump Supporters Like Tolerating Racists

According to Hollywood screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, whose recent iteration of “To Kill A Mockingbird” completely alters the character Atticus Finch to fit a modern progressive narrative, Trump supporters are unworthy of tolerance in the same way that southern racists were unworthy of tolerance.

Appearing on left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore’s podcast, the Oscar-winning writer of “The Social Network” said that when adapting Harper Lee’s classic novel to the stage, he realized that the character Atticus Finch was an apologist for racists, likening it to modern liberals that are apologists for Trump supporters.

“Upon reading the novel again, it struck that throughout the novel, Atticus is an apologist for racists. Throughout,” he said. “His whole thing about you have to walk a mile in someone’s else’s shoes. You really have to get inside someon’s skin and crawl around before you can really understand them. That was a way of excusing Bob Ewell. ‘Well, you got to understand, he lost his WPA job, and

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