A Post-Trump Foreign Policy Should Keep America First. Here’s How

A Post-Trump Foreign Policy Should Keep America First. Here’s How

After trailing Joe Biden by double digits in state polls leading up to the 2020 election, President Donald Trump far exceeded the expectations set by the media and pundit class, indicating that Trumpism will continue to hold sway in our politics. Allowing holdovers from the pre-Trump GOP to turn the clock back to the pre-2016 consensus would be a mistake.

Instead, Republicans should devote themselves to fleshing out elements of the Trump agenda that went unfulfilled. Foremost among these should be foreign policy.

Relative to his predecessors, Trump managed to get one major component of foreign policy right. Despite resistance from within his own cabinet and institutions with decades of bureaucratic habits to draw upon, he did not start any new wars and managed to wind down those in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, all while encouraging warmer relations between Israel and the Arab world.

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Considering Trump’s lack of experience and a readily available roster of policy professionals, intervention skeptics

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