A new DAO wants to bring sanity to the tipsy world of DeFi

A new DAO wants to bring sanity to the tipsy world of DeFi

PrimeDAO, a decentralized prime broker, hopes to bring stability to the wild world of DeFi. To learn more about this new initiative, we interviewed one of PrimeDAO’s members, Alon Goren — a co-founder of the Draper Goren Holm venture fund. He said that as an investor he is very excited about the explosion of the DeFi space, but had some thoughts on its sustainability:

“All of these products popping up overnight are a part of why it is exciting, but it’s also not sustainable and it’s not responsible either. There needs to be time for auditing smart contracts and needs to be time for bug fixes. And so what PrimeDAO was set to do was to bring together a lot of the like-minded builders in the space and create initiatives for a sustainable DeFi environment community.”

Goren hopes that this new organization and its members will serve as a validator for new projects, in addition to helping

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