A National Lockdown Would Be A Disaster For America

A National Lockdown Would Be A Disaster For America

In the United States, one size does not fit all, even during a pandemic. Yet some of Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force members have endorsed a national lockdown. While there are real concerns about rising cases and hospitalizations, a national lockdown is a terrible idea, no matter how much money the government borrows to pay for it.

In fairness, “lockdown” is a slippery term. Even Sweden, which has been much-praised by those opposing lockdowns, has had some restrictions in place (including limits on the size of public gatherings), which it recently intensified. But in the American context, lockdown means shuttering businesses deemed to be non-essential, closing all schools to in-person education, and similar extreme measures.

Locking us down nationwide would be a disaster. It would be an enormous blow to the economy while also being inefficient at slowing the spread of the virus. Small businesses, in particular, have been devastated by the pandemic, and though the economy has come

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