A multichain future will accelerate innovators and entrepreneurs

A multichain future will accelerate innovators and entrepreneurs

My colleague, Elias Simos, likes to say we’re living through a digital asset renaissance, including the digitization of non-digital asset value. Decentralized solutions to a myriad of financial and peer-to-peer obstacles are flourishing, but many innovators and entrepreneurs are still tied to old models of building the projects.

Some platforms, such as Polkadot and Cosmos, are establishing new startup models suited for Web 3.0. They make it easier to create and connect decentralized applications and to empower innovators to build better solutions. Acting like a startup accelerator, these multichain protocols present a mechanism to launch and naturally scale hundreds of new blockchains. It breaks down silos and opens up opportunities for new entrants to participate in and support emerging projects.

The most exciting projects of the next decade will use blockchain-enabled support systems. These alternative accelerator mechanisms will empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and their blockchain projects.

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Let’s take Polkadot as an example. Typically, accelerators support early-stage, growth-driven startups through education,

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