9-Year-Old Zoo Elephant Dies After Contracting ‘Devastating’ Viral Disease

9-Year-Old Zoo Elephant Dies After Contracting ‘Devastating’ Viral Disease

On Wednesday, the Toledo Zoo made a heartbreaking announcement, informing fans and followers of their social media pages that one of their African Elephants, Lucas, had died.

Lucas, 9 years old, had contracted an elephant-specific virus known as elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus. Despite all the first-rate veterinary care and medication, experts were unable to save the elephant’s life.

President and CEO of Toledo Zoo, Jeff Sailer, shared a video breaking the sad news.

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“I’m coming to you today with a very heavy heart,” he began. “Unfortunately, after days of heroic care, we have lost our beloved elephant Lucas to a devastating viral disease.”

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He made sure to mention that the virus could not be transmitted to humans and that their other two elephants should be fine. Lucas’s age was apparently a factor in his demise.

“In younger elephants like Lucas, it can

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