9 Reasons You Should Have A Baby This Year If You’re Young And Married


Considering how many children I would like to have when I am 50 has brought me to the conclusion that I want as many as my husband and I can responsibly care for. So far we have five. When I was a teen and in my early 20s, nobody told me how fulfilling and meaningful I would find having children. So I suspect nobody has told most other young people either.

Easy confirmation of this can be had in the latest fertility data, at a record low during an economic boom, shocking demographers who have speculated money is a key reason people don’t have kids. So I don’t think refusing kids is about money for many people, especially for college-eduated, well-off women like me, who are having fewer children than poor women are despite our better resources. According to Lyman Stone’s analysis, about half of currently married, childbearing-age American women will not have as many kids as they want. I

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