9 Horror Movies That Changed The Genre Forever

9 Horror Movies That Changed The Genre Forever

Even the worst horror films have a defining moment which reminds us why we choose to hunker down in the dark to scare ourselves silly. Other horror movies do something else. They fundamentally change the movie landscape, and sometimes even pop culture in the process.

The following 9 films did just that. They didn’t simply leave us breathless. They redefined the entire genre of horror.

1. Psycho (1960)

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Alfred Hitchcock defied conventional wisdom with 1960’s “Psycho” in more ways than one. Respected auteurs weren’t prone to the horror genre, and that’s being generous. Plus, the unwritten production codes of the era prohibited filmmakers from dabbling in blood, gore and other horror movie essentials.

Hitchcock clung to the era’s limitations and still left us clutching our arm rests.

The iconic shower scene alone stunned audiences, and for all the right reasons. A signature score that’s synonymous with horror. Implied violence, but nothing grotesque. Black and white blood circling the drain,

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