9 Great Movies To Watch With Your Son

9 Great Movies To Watch With Your Son

It’s getting harder to glean good life lessons from Hollywood stories.

Today’s tales too often focus on antiheroes, souls who quicken our pulse but leave little room for role modeling.

Other films flood the screen with hard-left talking points, the kind conservative parents want their sons to avoid.

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It wasn’t always this way. 

Once upon a time, parents could watch a movie with their sons and have long, healthy conversations about the lessons shared by the characters in the film.

The following nine films allow just that, giving parents fresh tools to teach their children right from wrong, and so much more. 

“Shane” (1953)

It’s arguably the best western of its kind and a perfect film to watch with your son. Why? Alan Ladd’s gunslinger is the prototypical hero, but only on the surface. He’s burdened by the killing he’s done in his life, and he’s seeking peace, not more bloodshed. His reluctant heroism resurfaces when a crooked cattle

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