9 Books And Authors At Risk Of Being Canceled

9 Books And Authors At Risk Of Being Canceled

As cancel culture continues to rage across America, the scope of what’s considered offensive cpntinues to broaden exponentially. As a result, the enriching history of poetry and literature – with all its complexities and contradictions – is being discarded and deconstructed into oblivion in academia and beyond. Books and authors once considered integral to a holistic education are now being removed or censored if they contain rhetoric that could offend. Here are nine examples of books and authors who could be the next victims of cancel culture:


Often touted as a prescient take on a dystopian future replete with authoritarian rule and censorship, it’s almost a kind of comic irony that George Orwell’s 1984 is now repeatedly brought up in a censorious manner as endorsing misogyny in current literary circles. 

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In ‘The Orwell Mystique: A Study In Male Ideology’, author Daphne Patai insists ‘‘Orwell assails Big Brother’s domination but never notices that he is the perfect embodiment of hypertrophied

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