7 Exorbitant Welfare Proposals Packed Into Biden’s ‘American Family Plan’

7 Exorbitant Welfare Proposals Packed Into Biden’s ‘American Family Plan’

President Biden released the provisions of his American Family Plan last week, and just like with his American Jobs Plan, the details are scant and the price tag is high.

Even given the limited details, the plans ought to give everyone pause — and by “everyone” I don’t just mean conservatives who oppose massive welfare state expansions, but also those who agree with the objective of an increase in the social insurance system in America. There are some serious flaws worth looking at, even with the few details we have of the plan.

Proposal 1: Free Daycare

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Biden splits out his childcare proposals into two pieces, “free preschool” and “affordable childcare.” The proposal claims families will be able to “choose the settings that work best for them,” but the proposal is very specific about what this program will look like, with teachers with “job-embedded coaching, professional development, and wages that reflect the importance of their work.”

What’s more, the proposal states

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