6-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Receives ‘Powerful’ School-Wide Welcome Back

6-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Receives ‘Powerful’ School-Wide Welcome Back

In 2018, the Herber family got the news no family wants to hear: Their 4-year-old son, Nathan, had cancer.

It was an aggressive form of cancer that would need aggressive treatment to better Nathan’s chances of survival.

The family had to quickly pivot to deal with a diagnosis that hit them out of the blue.

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“We thought things were pretty awesome … you know, not a care in the world,” Andy Herber, the boy’s father, told Fox News. “Two weeks after his fourth birthday, literally sitting next to Mickey Mouse, he was getting an IV infusion of strong chemotherapy.”

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The treatments would continue for 900 days, changing the Herbers’ lives forever.

One bit of normalcy that Nathan lost during his fight with cancer was his ability to go to school.

“The oncologist said that his immune system won’t be able

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