6 Laughably Bad Liberal Propaganda Films

6 Laughably Bad Liberal Propaganda Films

Even Al Gore’s harshest critics will admit his 2006 documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” — despite its numerous inaccuracies — changed the national conversation on Climate Change.

Not every left-leaning film scores such a pop culture bullseye. Many do just the opposite, flailing to find purchase, let alone changing hearts and minds.

The following six films fall squarely into that category. Their ineptitude, and galling bias, failed them where it counted most.

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The very best part of far-left filmmaker Adam McKay’s screed is Christian Bale’s transformation into Vice President Dick Cheney. He’s a great actor, but the makeup required to turn him into the older, portly man is stunning.

McKay’s attack piece isn’t actually about Cheney, though. It’s really an assault on conservatives, from Fox News to Ronald Reagan and Rush Limbaugh. McKay could have made a better movie by sticking to the source, an interesting fella no matter where your political leanings may be.

Instead, he gathered some fine actors (Steve Carell, Amy Adams

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