6 Laughably Bad Leftist Propaganda Films

6 Laughably Bad Leftist Propaganda Films

Even Al Gore’s harshest critics will admit his 2006 documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” changed the national conversation on the subject of climate change.

Not every left-leaning film scores such a pop culture bullseye. Many do just the opposite, failing to find purchase, let alone changing hearts and minds.

The following six films fall squarely into that category. Their ineptitude, and galling bias, failed them where it counted most.

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The title alone is a howler, especially since its subject matter leaned even harder into his biases since the movie’s 2015 release date. The sorry saga of how famed newsman Dan Rather lost his CBS anchor perch by pushing phony documents would make a great film about journalistic malfeasance.

Instead, the team behind “Truth” pretended Rather (Robert Redford) got a raw deal. It’s laughable on the surface, and even funnier when you watch it on the big screen.

Except “Truth” isn’t a comedy.

What went wrong? For starters, the filmmakers leaned on a key figure behind the

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