5 ways AI is helping to improve customer service in e-commerce

5 ways AI is helping to improve customer service in e-commerce

AI is transforming e-commerce customer service through chatbots, personalized recommendations, voice assistants, fraud detection and image recognition.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the e-commerce industry in recent years. One of the most significant ways in which AI is impacting e-commerce is by transforming customer service. AI-powered customer service technologies are becoming more common, and they are helping to improve the customer experience in numerous ways.

This article will discuss how AI improves customer service in e-commerce, with examples of companies using these technologies to their advantage.

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AI-driven chatbots are assisting online retailers in offering prompt and effective customer support. Without human assistance, chatbots may provide 24/7 customer service. They can assist clients with information about the products, order tracking,

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