5 Reasons Why RiFi Is Going To Change the DeFi Lending Ecosystem

5 Reasons Why RiFi Is Going To Change the DeFi Lending Ecosystem

Rikkei Finance ($RIFI) is the ultimate lending solution that is scalable and user-friendly. Rikkei Finance is an all-inclusive financial platform that boasts high performance and efficiency. RiFi improves the DeFi lending ecosystem through sustainability, interoperability, diversity, community-centered approach, and its core system.


 The solid vision of the RiFi team from the early stage is to build a lending protocol that prioritizes sustainability. It’s true that recently there are many attacks in various sizes targeting different DeFi protocols on BSC. They exploit multiple weaknesses of the protocols, generally including (1) Bugs in source code, (2) manipulating the token price, and (3) lousy risk management control model. Rikkei Finance applies multiple methods to make lending easy and secure at all stages.

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Rikkei Finance employs the multi-kinked interest rate model rather than the traditional linear interest rate model. The strength of the multi-kinked model is that it can handle the stress point of a high utilization rate (Ut). At that

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