5 Reasons To Enjoy ‘The Muppet Show’ Now That It’s Finally Streaming

5 Reasons To Enjoy ‘The Muppet Show’ Now That It’s Finally Streaming

To say 2020 was a particularly contentious year is an understatement. An incurable virus spread. Natural disasters rocked several nations. The rebound from a tough recession occurred slowly. Unexpected factors upended national politics, culminating in one of the most contentious U.S. presidential races in memory.

In fall 1976, when Ebola and Jimmy Carter’s White House run made many uncertain, a bearded puppeteer and his merry band of misfits came on prime-time TV to deliver laughter to the masses. This week, 45 years later, the release of “The Muppet Show” on Disney Plus just may bring some sorely needed happiness and relief to those who need it.

Ultimately broadcast in 102 countries and dubbed in 15 languages, the Jim Henson-produced half-hour became the most popular televised comedy worldwide during its five-year run. The show’s madcap style of vaudeville comedy bridged cultural lines at home and abroad. Indeed it was a hit with rural Midwest families and New York City jazz

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