400-pound grizzly that killed camper in Montana shot dead

400-pound grizzly that killed camper in Montana shot dead

A grizzly bear that dragged a long-distance cyclist from a tent in Montana and fatally mauled her was shot dead Friday — after wreaking havoc at a nearby home, officials said.

The 400-pound bruin that killed Leah Davis Lokan, 65, of Chico, Calif, was gunned down by federal wildlife workers, who lured it to a chicken coop just after midnight, Greg Lemon of the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks said at a press conference.

“Based on the size of the bear, the color of the bear and the nature of the chicken coop raids, we’re confident we’ve got the offending bear,” Lemon said, according to CBS.

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The bloodthirsty bruin  — who ate several chickens the day after fatally attacking Lokan —  likely ripped the door off a home in the Ovando area Thursday night,  leaving behind massive claw marks, Powell County Sheriff Gavin Roselles said in a Facebook post.

Leah Davis Lokan, 65, was on a 400-mile bike adventure with others

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