4-year-old UK girl accidentally hangs herself in tree

4-year-old UK girl accidentally hangs herself in tree

A 4-year-old UK girl hanged herself in a tree accidentally just days after becoming a sister to twins – and her mom has now spoken about her “hellstorm of grief” following the tragedy.

Freya Thorpe was wearing a bicycle helmet when she climbed a tree near her home in Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, in September 2019, South West News Service reported.

She slipped and fell but her helmet strap caught on the tree and she died despite efforts by emergency responders.

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“I am a broken individual, caught in a hellstorm of grief,” Freya’s mom Elise said, The Sun reported.

“We live every day and night in hell, torture, sheer shock and grief that can’t be comprehended,” she said.

The devastated mother told SWNS that she and her husband “were on cloud nine after the long-awaited arrival and difficult pregnancy” of twins Kiera and Zack — and added that she would have taken her own life had she not given birth

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