4 Reasons Chris Pratt’s ‘Tomorrow War’ Is The Conservative Movie Of The Summer

4 Reasons Chris Pratt’s ‘Tomorrow War’ Is The Conservative Movie Of The Summer

When the preview articles about the big movies of Hollywood’s post-pandemic comeback summer were being written, “The Tomorrow War” was barely a blip on the radar. In fact, it was such a non-factor, Paramount eventually ended up skipping a theatrical release and selling the rights to Amazon. But then, one-by-one, the big contenders seemed to squander their goodwill, leaving the afterthought to swoop in and seize America’s attention.

Once the film hit Prime, it quickly began breaking records, with star Chris Pratt thanking fans for making it the biggest streaming feature in the world this summer.

While at the outset it just looked like a loud, thoughtless alien romp, its simple charms are winning over everyone from erudite Hillsdale history professors to famously cantankerous conservative film critics.

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Here’s why “The Tomorrow War” is the movie bringing Americans together right now.

One: Marketing

Though Lin-Manuel Miranda’s May musical extravaganza “In the Heights” boasted a theme that openly celebrated the American Dream, a marketing push that

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