4 Parent Groups Fighting Against Critical Race Theory In Schools

4 Parent Groups Fighting Against Critical Race Theory In Schools

Americans on both sides of the aisle hate critical race theory.

One recent poll shows that 73% of American voters oppose teaching that “white people are inherently privileged,” while 69% oppose teaching that “American was founded on racism and remains structurally racist today.”

Nevertheless, Democratic politicians are condemning Republican governors as they sign legislation banning the sociological framework in their states’ education systems. As senior Manhattan Institute fellow Christopher Rufo noted, the Left has now “deployed former president Barack Obama to defend, downplay, and deflect from critical race theory.”

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“We are making progress,” commented Rufo. “Keep pushing forward.”

Beyond conservative politicians and pundits, the groups most responsible for the progress toward purging critical theory from education systems are led by parents banding together in the interest of their children.

Here are four examples.

Parents Against Critical Theory

A group of parents is organizing to root critical race theory out of Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia.

Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT) exists to “educate the public about

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