4 American Presidents Who Took Assassination Attempts Like Champs

4 American Presidents Who Took Assassination Attempts Like Champs

For most of American history, the men who attained election to the Oval Office came from a sturdy stock.

George Washington, for one, earned the nickname “Conotocarius” — which translates to “Devourer of Villages” — from Iroquois natives when he was 21 years old. Dwight Eisenhower, for another, led the Allied forces to defeat Adolf Hitler.

Without a doubt, the ruggedness of America’s leaders revealed itself in their darkest moments — including near-death experiences at the hands of would-be assassins. 

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From brushing off physical attacks with profound humor to personally fighting back with a profound ardor, these four American Presidents took assassination attempts in their stride.

Teddy Roosevelt

President Theodore Roosevelt was shot at during a campaign stop, then finished his speech after personally confronting his foe.

As Roosevelt waved to a crowd before entering his car and departing for the speech, an assailant five feet away fired two shots from his revolver at the President. Roosevelt himself calmed members of the crowd as they

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