3 Ways The GOP Must Tackle Vote Fraud And Election Bungling Right Now

3 Ways The GOP Must Tackle Vote Fraud And Election Bungling Right Now

American elections are a mess. Well more than a week after Election Day, lawsuits abound, lawyers are everywhere, and facts, myths, and partisan propaganda clog our airwaves.

While President Donald Trump’s team of lawyers appear to be playing for keeps, there is a growing feeling among conservatives from the top to the bottom, both inside and outside the administration, that while this fight is crucial it won’t materially alter the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Further, these increasingly open conversations continuously suggest more could have been done earlier about big-city voting machines, vote tracking and accountability, and the Democratic Party’s long-sought unlimited mail-in voting rules. So what are those things?

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Rage Against the Machine

Big-city political machines don’t work the way most might think they do. While phone calls, bribes, and secret handshakes do take place, much of the hard work is done far more naturally.

Learned cultural behavior, self-interest, and ambition, and the human propensities to help

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