3 Ways States Should Ensure Election Integrity In 2020 And Beyond

3 Ways States Should Ensure Election Integrity In 2020 And Beyond

President Donald Trump’s campaign is embarking on a series of legal challenges in several states, pursuing allegations of voter fraud and process violations. Any campaign or political party is certainly right to challenge legitimate, suspicious activity. Election integrity is critical, no matter the outcomes this year. The question is, what are the real problems we need to watch for?

Republicans have focused much attention on Dominion Voting Systems, a leading purveyor of voting equipment across the country. Given accusations of political bias against the company’s leadership and counting “glitches” in various states that use Dominion’s voting machines, such concerns are understandable, but Dominion is largely peripheral. Problems with its equipment appear to be, and have historically been, a result of human error, not software — and there are other, more viable irregularities to examine.

Anyone concerned about election integrity should focus on the systemic processes and procedures in states such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, all of

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