3 Recent Failures of Green Energy Policies

3 Recent Failures of Green Energy Policies

Upon taking office in January, many of President Biden’s first executive orders related to climate policy.

Whether it was re-joining the Paris Climate Agreement, or canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, the Biden administration has been clear in their desire to expand the United States’ use of ‘Green Energy.’

Though the President has insisted that transitioning to green energy will “create well-paying union jobs,” “build a modern and sustainable infrastructure,” and “deliver an equitable, clean energy future,” Americans were reminded over the past week that the path to green energy is by no means smooth.

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Here are three examples of ambitious renewable energy policies that failed miserably, destroying jobs and risking lives in the process.


Millions were left for days without power, water, and heat following unprecedented winter weather in the Lone Star State — a situation driven by failure within the electric grid, including the malfunction of nearly half of the state’s wind turbines.

The Austin American-Statesman reported

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