22-Year-Old Woman Wins Ohio's $1 Million Vaccine Lottery

22-Year-Old Woman Wins Ohio's $1 Million Vaccine Lottery

Abbigail Bugenske, 22, is the first person to win Ohio’s $1 million Vax-a-Million lottery — the state’s incentive to encourage Ohioans to get vaccinated.

Gov. Mike DeWine (R-OH) announced the program earlier this month, offering $1 million prizes and full-ride scholarships to individuals who get vaccinated. In order to qualify for the drawings, an individual must have had at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

Each Wednesday, beginning May 26, they will choose a winner of the $1 million prize. The state is also providing a “five full four-year scholarships to an Ohio public university — including tuition, room-and-board, and books — to vaccinated Ohioans under 18,” according to the Associated Press (AP). The drawings are expected to span five weeks.

“I know that some may say, ‘DeWine, you’re crazy! This million-dollar drawing idea of yours is a waste of money,’” the governor said, adding that the real waste

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