17 Questions Joe Biden Needs To Answer Before The Election

17 Questions Joe Biden Needs To Answer Before The Election

Most viewers of the first 2020 presidential debate were disgusted with the shouting and the bellicose tone of the match, and because most of the shouting and disrupting came from President Trump, he took a big hit in the morning-after polls and in polling since.

In any remaining debates, the president needs a different approach, one that highlights his long list of achievements and contrasts them with Joe Biden’s skimpy set. If the debates do not occur, as seems possible given the attempt to change their format, any media organization worthy of the designation owes it to the American public to ask these questions of Biden.

The most consequential incident in election debate history was not the proclamation of a compelling policy position, but the asking of a simple question: “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” Instead of being combative, Trump ought to follow Ronald Reagan’s example and ask questions, many of which an

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