13-Year-Old Invents Lifesaving Kit to Prevent Drowning in Florida

13-Year-Old Invents Lifesaving Kit to Prevent Drowning in Florida

The Florida beaches may soon become a safer place to swim thanks to a 13-year-old’s ingenuity to make a device that would prevent drowning.

After Kaial Hajik, a Boy Scout and aspiring Air Force cadet, noticed that several people had drowned in the Gulf of Mexico, he worked with his father to create an emergency kit called the “LifeBoKx”.

“It’s very simple… but it’s also very important in saving someone’s life,” Kaial said in an interview with CNN affiliate WJHG.

The LifeBoKx is a kit that contains basic lifesaving equipment and educational material to be positioned along Panama Beach’s shoreline.

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The kit includes two life vests, a preserver, and visual aids including the “Drowning Chain of Survival,” which is a pamphlet from the International Life Saving Federation that shows how to respond safely to a drowning.

Kaial and his father say they were inspired to create the LifeBoKx after hearing about the 2019 drowning of Richard

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