12 People Who Were Cancelled for Using the N-Word Like Hunter Biden

12 People Who Were Cancelled for Using the N-Word Like Hunter Biden

Revealing text messages derived from Hunter Biden’s laptop show the president’s son repeatedly using racial slurs in messages to his white attorney, but members of the radical left — members of the establishment media, particularly — have remained relatively silent despite their history of calling for the cancellation of individuals who have done the same.

Text messages obtained by the Daily Mail show Hunter Biden repeatedly using the n-word in communication with his attorney, George Mesires. Figures on the right immediately observed the seeming hypocrisy from left-wing personalities and media outlets, given their penchant for attempting to cancel others for similar improprieties.

Below are 12 people who were also exposed for using the n-word but, unlike Hunter Biden, faced serious personal or professional consequences as a result. This list is by no means exhaustive.

1. Morgan Wallen

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